Tim Hunold


Beverly Hills, CA

A long career of rising to challenges that find me means I am the guy that gets better under pressure.

No costumer cares about the stack, don't overcomplicate it.

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Profile - About Me

Tim Hunold

Developers take direction, engineers give directions. If you are looking for a code monkey, look elsewhere, 25 years of experience means I'll see the problems before you do, so don't second guess when my hair stands on end and I call something out for being stupid.

Contractors don't buy informercial tools to build your house, so you should not choose your technology on buzzwords, fear of missing out, or some dubious claim that some tech giant is making it the standard.

Mars Rover Model Googler! IMAX theaters RAWR! My Klee Kai puppy IMAX theaters
My Services

Knowing what you have helps you plan your way forward with proper taxonomy.


Outcome is more important than the tool, but why make it hard?

To the four corners

When's the last time your project worked cleanly across all viewports?

My Principles
Building something that is aimed at users and not about trying to impress with needless features is important to me.
Too often those that need a little extra help should be accomodated. The web is difficult to use of you require a screen reader or assistive technology.
Technology is a tool, not a reason. I choose stacks based on what gets it done cleanly and maintainable. Complexity pretending to be powerful is the enemy of all things holy, maintainable and affordable.

Resume - Personal Info

Practical skills
Long Meetings
Devouring Skills
Chocolate Cake
Chicken Tenders
Smoked Meats
Office Skills
MS Excel
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Hobbies Skills
Auto Racing
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Experience Spotlight
  • UX/UI Architect 2019 - Present
    TA Digital

    Leading on and offshore resources of 110+ global resources with two additional offshore architects, I lead/architected/worked hands-on with projects for FitBit, Bose, AARP, Vizio and Kia/Hyundai. Additionally I helped in hiring resources, training freshers, documenting content and direct consultations with clients to roadmaping to compliance.

  • UX/UI Engineer 2019

    I was tasked with building multiple fully-functional prototypes for crucial revenue generating products for testing before engineers took them "the last mile" in to production. I got the chance to work in Dart, Angular 8+ and Googles own ACX/AWX formats. I have Go links for those internal parties to review my work, though nothing is on Piper.

  • Front-End Engineer 2017 - 2018

    I took a full development cycle from auditing users, writing user stories, building pagaes and helping discover the whole suite of applications for a major film distribtor and theater chain. I became the stakeholder between the dev team and the business.

  • Front-End Engineer 2017

    As part of a two person team, I built the front end to test mobile devices (phones, tablets) for quality of service of DirecTV video apps on iOS/Android. This included screen mirrorng of devices in remote locations and reporting dropped connections, video quality and reliability.

  • Front-End Engineer Lead 2015 - 2017

    I lead the front end practice for the world's largest legal portal. I created a template engine and style guide that generated reliable pages with full test coverage.

  • Front-End Engineer 2014 - 2015
    Sempra Energy

    Consulting on multiple end-clients in multiple states, I introduced accessibility requirements and responsive design for several public utilities. The end result being fewer fines, and a massive reduction in casll center volume from users that required assistive technologies being able to finally self-serve.

  • Front-End Engineer 2013
    Walmart Labs

    As part of a consulting team, my partner and I worked to redesign gift lists and registries for the retailer. We built based on a new style guide we contributed to, and connected to physical devices like scanners for retail use.

  • Front-End Engineer 2010

    I worked on a new CMS and created standards for use by all 32 professional football clubs.

  • Front-End Engineer 2008 - 2009

    The credit services provider tasked me with absorbing all of the 70 foreign franchise sites, absorbing them in to the new CMS, then documenting and training users world wide in the use of the content tools.


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Contact - Contact Me

Contact info
  • Adress: Beverly Hills, CA.

  • Email: codeposse+github@gmail.com
  • Phone: +1 (310) 929-7155
  • Website: www.ItsSoBig.com
  • Skype: testshoot
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